Become a Sponsored Creator

Obtenebration Network is a community of gamers and content creators with the goal of bringing the two together.  If you have been a member or are looking for a place to be supported in your endeavors, we may be the place for you!

Not your creator/MCN/Partnered relationship

We aren’t a YouTube MCN or something you partner with and get locked into something that you may regret down the road.  What we offer is resources and support and some sponsorship opportunities.  If you have an agreement with another entity that doesn’t conflict or doesn’t mind having outside sponsorship, you won’t have an issue joining us!

Social cross promotion

Our members have options to get their content displayed on our YouTube channel, autohosted on our twitch channel, Twitter, Facebook page, google+, and our website.  This gives you as much exposure as possible when you release new content.

Special Features on our site

All our partners get expanded features to help curate and grow their site.  Special privileges on forums, roles on our Discord Server, can be featured on our hub channel.  This and many other features as they become available.

Collaboration Network

By focusing on open individuals that want to create content you do as well, and maintaining multiple avenues of communication, we make it very easy to get in touch with other OBTEN members to talk to and begin collaborating with right away!

Blog/Website Hosting

Our members can receive a discount or even free website hosting within our domain.


Creator’s sponsored through us have the option to have merchandise made for them and sold on our shop!  It doesn’t matter how many followers/subs you have.

Service discounts

We offer our sponsored members discounts on all services that we offer.  This includes the shop and advertising.


Head over to our forums and post on the sponsored/staff section and we’ll get with you as soon as possible!