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Rend coming to fix the survival sandbox
Finally, a survival game I can get excited about!

I’ve long had a love/hate relationship with survival sandbox games. From Minecraft and Don’t Starve to Rust/Ark/Osiris New Dawn, you do much of the same thing and build up your base, harvest your supplies, then maximize your gear. Once you hit that pinnacle of min/max that’s about it on single-player. On multi-player games, you just pray to stay out of sight of whoever the big server guild is to even reach that point! It usually get boring or frustrating very quickly. You either deal with it or find a new server to hope it goes better, or you move onto another game and come back after a few months, hoping to see some changes that’ll reignite your passion for the game.

Rend hopes to change all this for you…

Goals, teams, and MOBA?

Frostkeep studios, made up of devs from Blizzard fame, hopes they have an answer to these problems in a compelling blend of shooter, moba, and survival mechanics.

Rend is a fantasy shooter game that is scheduled to launch on Steam Early Access in the spring of 2017.

In Rend, a team of around 20 players can build a base. Then, at a given moment (they mention once a week), the shields protecting the base will go down and the base will be subject to attack. It might be attacked by a swarm of computer-based zombie-like opponents, or it might be attacked by a team of 20 human players from another faction. The defending team has to hold out. They refer to this period as the “The Reckoning” and it applies to all three factions. You have to balance defending your base from the AI hoard that grows stronger each Reckoning or attacking another factions base in an effort to capitalize on the situation. The Reckoning last for a few hours each time.

When it’s not a call-to-arms, the rest of the time you’re harvesting resources, fighting over forward bases that are setup around these nodes, and hunting for artifacts that can give your faction an edge.

As the game progresses, factions are collecting souls to increase their available tech, the MOBA inspired hoard grows stronger, and characters are progressing along talent and skill tree progression. Bringing everything to a tipping point. Sooner or later, the hoard will kill everyone, or one faction will rise to the top. The game ends when all factions are eliminated by the hoard (everyone loses) or one faction remains standing. Then the game resets to start anew.

Why you should be excited!

The nature of having server resets is usually bad, but having something like this in a competitive survival game can be great to keep things fresh and interesting for new and old players alike. The game will have official servers as well as custom servers. On the official servers it seems like games will be on a weekly cycle but on private servers it seems like we’ll be able to change settings like skill progression, node frequency, and time/duration of the Reckoning period. So finding a server that fits your time zone and play style should be easy enough. These things alone are the biggest game changers to me.

On top of that, having different realms, artifacts, multiple class combinations…all this leads into a very diverse system of possibilities.

How they control one faction on a server from just out numbering everyone? The only confirmed thing that has been said is a limit on how many from one faction can be logged in at once. With 20 per faction being what’s tossed around so far. I would hope to possibly see some faction balancing in place or maybe some bonus/penalties applied faction wide when the numbers are off-balance. In the form of harvest or damage bonus applied to the smaller faction or penalties for the larger.

We’ll be watching this game. With a steam page up already and slated for early access this spring, at least we don’t have long to wait. Or you can sign-up for the pre-alpha on the website and maybe get in sooner! You can stay tuned to our first impressions as well as an early access review when it launches on steam!

See you at the reckoning!

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