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FussBot for YouTube
A chatbot for us YouTube Gaming streamers


Release Date

Out Now v1.78

What is it?

One of the few (only?) chat bots for people using the YouTube Gaming Platform.

Time Logged

40 hours


Today, 3/6/17, the developer had to remove the website loyalty store portion due to abuse from users. Some users were using it for illegal activity and other dumb activities. Right now he took it back to pre-beta state and removed all users who had signed up (disclosure, that included me).

Here’s what the developer had to say. This is on the streamer websites as well as said on the FussBot discord

As much as I hate to say this: The streamer website / loyalty shop “experiment” is cancelled for now. Call it failed. On the one hand I underestimated how much work it is to tell some users the same exact things over and over again. Last two days I was busy replying emails to users who didn’t read a single word of the description during registration. On the other hand a first user started abusing the system sharing illegal download links via the website. Most send in pictures that are fall under some sort of copyright. This is serious for me as everything that happens on this site: I’m responsible for it. As some of you know FussBot isn’t a commercial product by a company who might have lawyers to fight a lawsuit but one mostly developed as a hobby by me. The effort and risk of this is simply not managable by a single person. I’m evaluating ways of still making the concept of a streamer website possible. Sorry for that 🙁

As result, a big draw this bot had is now off the table. It’s still a great bot but a major portion of the functionality is gone with coins being good for auction/betting/queue but nothing built into the software to actually spend them on. The dev is looking into other options but right now it looks like a Sorry Charlie scenario.

I have updated the score to reflect this but left the original article in tact.

Original Article

As a streamer, you’re job is pretty tough.  You have to play a game that you have fun at and are (hopefully) decent at.  Then you have to already know the game well enough that you can pay attention to an audience and interact with them. As well, during your game stream you have to be sure that during the lulls you are keeping your audience engaged and entertained.

This is generally where chat bot’s come in.  If you’re preferred platform was twitch, you have a plethora of options at your feet with the likes of NightBot, Moobot, PhantomBot, Vivbot….the list can go on.  But we’re talking about YouTube.  YouTube has had streaming for a bit but with the addition of YouTube Gaming, it’s streaming functionality came to the forefront.  As a gamer, viewer and presenter, we have certain expections that have already been established by the likes of Twitch.  Right now if you do a search on YouTube chat bot, you get Nightbot (it’s crossplatform and I’ll do it’s own review at a later time), a bunch of video’s on what is a chat bot, and you have FussBot.

Alone in a big pond

I’m going to go ahead and get this out in the front, if it’s not already obvious.  FussBot can benefit and be hindered right now as it’s the only feature rich bot at the YouTube party.  The developer has been able to take what he likes about many of the twitch bots and mash them into a concoction that is both good and bad.

To start off, this is a piece of software that you download onto your computer and you run it along side your game and any other browser windows you have open.  Myself, this was my first experience with such a bot as during my twitch days I started off with Nightbot, which was a hosted solution. I have a great rig so I didn’t think much of it.  I do however recommend having at least a two monitor setup as to manage FussBot during stream you’ll have typically two windows open at any given time.

Another big problem, and this isn’t the dev’s fault but YouTube’s, is that there’s no way to know who is actively watching your stream.  So to track a user, they have to be active in a chat.  Many of the functions involving watch time and coins revolves around this.  So be sure you’re viewers are aware or you may have some confused (at best) or angry (at worst) fans.

Using FussBot

The Settings Menu is weirdly tabbed

FussBot for the most part is easy to use once you find out where all your options are.  The hardest part of setting the bot up is being sure to have a second YouTube channel setup to actually authenticate the bot with.  For me I made a YouTube channel calling it EmberBot.  Once you’ve done this step, you authenticate the bot channel and the “streamer channel” and you’re technically ready to go.


However, to get the most out of this bot, you’re going to want to spend at least an hour or so setting it up.  You want to make sure that you have all your options tuned perfectly to what you want.  My biggest gripe is the tabbing style in the “settings” menu.  Going through it tends to be clutter and getting your “Messages” squared away can be problematic.  Thankfully, this is an area you won’t spend too much time in outside of your initial setup so it isn’t the biggest deal.  Plus it’s early in development and there’s always time to clean stuff up later.

Lot’s of options for the different functions

Other parts of the interface are about the same, but it makes sense at least.  The configuration page has all that you need for configuring your coins, your ranks for watch time, custom commands….there’s a lot here.  If you have spotify you can link your spotify to this and let it show your users what you’re listening to and even setup commands for next tracks and what not.  Then you have some controls for the few mini games that your viewers can play.  Setting up your coins, ranks, and announcments is where you will likely spend the greatest chunk of your time.

The ‘Control’ menu, where you’ll spend much of your time

The control is one of your bread and butter sections of this bot.  You can run auctions, raffles, polls/bets.  The queue is a brilliant way to have your audience line up to play or participate in a game with you and the Multistream generator seems like a good idea on paper, but I have no experience in using it myself. All these games and options have links that you can use as a browser source in OBS or whatever your streaming software of choice is.  The YouTube gaming chat box here is a great way to fill up space but hopefully should there be anything else worth adding it’s the first to die as it’s duplicated in the “live stream” panel…


Which brings me to….

The Livestream Panel

Only reason to see this after opening the livestream panel is for that damn chat delay!

This is the other main window that you’re going to be spending much of your time in.  It has everything you NEED to be aware of when doing a live stream with the chat, latest subs, helpful status/statistics.  Then you have a running list of notifications as well as your current overlay being displayed.  There’s a bunch of real estate here still tho and I would love to see them bring in the chat delay like it’s displayed back on the settings page as I do find myself overtime going back to that window JUST for that one bit of information.  It seems like that would be a no brainer, but maybe it’s just something left over from earlier development.


Experiencing FussBot

As everything that we’ve covered, FussBot obviously adds a lot to a stream for the streamer.  From an audience standpoint it can be jarring at first as people aren’t accustomed to having a bot on chat.  But once they realize this, the value starts to go up.  You’re earning coins for being a loyal fan and getting ranks…..but what for?

This is the part that will hurt you if you’re using ANY bot with a coin system.  What are those coins going towards?  They can be gambled/won/lost in various ways but that just increases and decreases the amount you have.  You can charge the queue….but that’s kinda lame.

The second bit is the Loyalty Shop.

As of this writing, they have just launched the website functionality.  You have to apply for it, send in your information and you get mailed back a key to plug into your bot.  By using this portion and having it posed in your descriptions or as an announcement within FussBot, your users can go to this and see their coins or custom commands, a leaderboard, some statistics on you, and buy stuff in the shop with those coins they been earning!

You should definitely put a lot of thought into what you’re offering here.  You want to be sure that it’s things that add value to your viewers and your stream and that it’s something you can backup.  I have seen a couple of users whom have put Steam or League of Legends code cards on there.  That’s cash money your planning on spending at that point.  If you make items here crap, then your user’s will wonder why you bothered.  Too great tho and they may get to expecting too much.  Be sure to just regulate expectations and you should be fine.

It’s not that bad

Overall, FussBot is a great package with very little going wrong for it.  Only some hiccups where either YouTube or the nature of setting it up screw with things and a couple of, I won’t say bad, but odd UI choices and they aren’t a deal breaker by any means.  The fact of the Loyalty Shop alone without having to worry about hosting it yourself is a godsend to some (I would have rather been able to host myself personally however).  And you’re not going to find anything too much better or feature rich at this point in the game.

For that matter, you aren’t really going to find anything else worse at this point either.

I’ll leave you with a video tutorial I did a few versions back.



++ Very full Featured Chat Bot
++ Active Developer
+ About the only thing going for YouTube Streamers


--- Menus are a little cluttered and obtuse to use
-- Setup isn't plug and play having to setup a second YouTube channel
-- Lacking in documentation
- Coins don't serve much purpose at this point
- About the only thing going for YouTube Streamers

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If you're in need of a chat bot with many of the features you're used to from similar Twitch Bot's, then FussBot is what you're looking for....not that you have much other choice.

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