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January 31, 2018

Game code sales are up and working! …and a few other bits.

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After a VERY long wait for most of you, we now have operating our game code section of the shop!  Most of the games avalible are well below steam/uplay/origin prices and some can even compete with other sites like humblebundle and G2A.  majority of the sales of codes will go to support the community, so I encourage you to use us first if you’re an active member.

We are still working out a loyalty program for community members and creator program members.  But right now, there are no details to release.

Other things in the works, is we are opening up advertising on the website with cheap and affordable pricing.  You can see spots where [...]

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November 15, 2017

Website Cleanup and changes

So we have had some activity!

We have finally launched our shop! Currently you can see merchandise for a few of our sponsored creators who have decided they wanted to start working with it, as well as our game codes (FINALLY!) and we have some graphics going up.

I’m hoping to start getting more writing on here, and will probably syndicate some articles from a few sources as well.

In the wake of these changes, however, some things are going to be different.

Creator Program activity will no longer be on the front page

This is nothing against our creator program! However we need to start presenting a cleaner looking site that has articles that YOU would [...]

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July 25, 2017

Announcing Obtenebration Community Subscriptions!

Here at Obten, we have been busy in the background.  We have grown our community significantly.  And we have plans for things to come.

First stage you will see is that we are now taking subscriptions from our community.  This will allow those that wish to help us out on a regular basis a means to and to also get some things in return.

As of this writing, we have three tiers ($5/$10/$25) with benefits ranging from some cosmetic recognition to some influence in what we do.  We plan to add more benefits and (if needed) more tiers.  We will also be setting up a reliable way for people that want to do a one-time donation instead of a [...]

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